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No one enjoys the task of collecting bills. Unfortunately, in many cases where follow-through is not in place on invoices, payment will not be received. This is especially true in the professional world. Today, businesses and corporations are exchanging bills faster than water is falling over Niagara Falls. Managing the many critical invoices being exchanged between businesses is a full-time responsibility. If your company depends on monthly invoices, it might be wise to consider the services offered by Simplicity to aid you with invoice follow-through. Without the help of professional collections software, invoices can slip through the cracks and go unpaid. Don’t let this happen to your business.

Simplicity Collection Software

Simplicity Collection's software is designed specifically to improve the way companies manage billing services and debt recovery cases. These services allow you to improve and control how the software works for your company. Unlike other debt collector services, Simplicity’s affordable and sophisticated software specializes in ensuring your cases don't fall through the cracks. Simplicity gives you the ability to manage and collect an unlimited number of employees, an unlimited number of clients, and an unlimited number of cases all for one low price.

The Secret Behind Simplicity’s Success

The reason Simplicity leads the industry in debt collecting software is simple; it’s all in the design. Simplicity was designed with a focus on the needs of individual businesses in managing their debt recovery affairs. This focus, teamed with the professional counsel of lawyers and attorneys who specialize in the legal navigation of debt recovery, provides unsurpassed software covering all the bases. Companies that use Simplicity’s software love the peace of mind that comes for knowing debt recovery actions have been taken in a proper manner. Simplicity takes the guesswork out of the debt collection process.
Companies love their ability to improve and maintain control over their financial future while acting as their own collectors. Companies also love that their customers don’t know that they are not dealing with independent collectors. To the customer, Simplicity is a professional, independent collector. This allows companies to maintain and even improve the relationship they have worked so hard to develop with their customers, even after the debt recovery process begins. Best of all, Simplicity offers a free trial to customers who want to see if our software is a good fit for their company. With a free trial, you have nothing to lose. Take advantage of this opportunity and see what our debt recovery software can do for your company.
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