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Before making our final decision to go with Simplicity Collections Software, we test drove several other software platforms. Not only was it important to choose the right software for our business, but also choose a company who would assist us in the beginning, grow with our needs, and be user friendly.

Simplicity has proven through the years to be one of finest business decisions we’ve made. They provide excellent customer service and have proven to be a valued business partner. I highly recommend Simplicity.


I have used Simplicity with two different agencies. Initially I was skeptical; however, the Simplicity has exceeded my expectations on so many different levels. The support team is absolutely awesome. I truly appreciated the courtesy and patience of the support team. That alone makes Simplicity worth every dime! Thanks so much.


If you want a simple software, Simplicity Collect is for you. I have been using the software for 2 years. My favorite feature is the reports, that makes it easy for me to provide my clients with all the recovery data. Thank you Simplicity, for simplifying my business operations.


I’ve used Simplicity at three businesses now. When I was recruited by a collections law firm, I insisted they switch to Simplicity because it is by far the easiest software to train employees to use, has the most features, and had a simple subscription model. The support was always on top of our requests and even helped add features we felt were missing. I would never do collection work without this software.


We have utilized several different collection software. They all give the same promise but never deliver. We started with Simplicity back in 2014. We were unsure if we would be satisfied with the service but figured why not give it a shot. Simplicity Collect is by far the BEST collection software hands down. Tech support listens to your issues and they make changes to the system to help YOUR business run smoother. They are always available to answer any technical questions and if it’s after hours, their self-help guides are very detailed with screenshots and step by step instructions. We recommend Simplicity Collect to all our colleagues. Your search for a collection software should stop here. Look no further Simplicity Collect has what you need.


I want to say something about your customer service department.  I’ve been collecting for a lot of years and I’ve never seen a group of people that are so quick, knowledgeable, and ready to help.  It really sets you apart and I appreciate it.  In fact, it’s the best customer service I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot.


I’ve been with SimplicityCollect since 2013 I’ve never had a problem they couldn’t solve within minutes. It is the best decision I’ve made for my business.  It is effective and always getting better


The transition over to Simplicity would have been a disaster if it had not been for their commitment to assisting us in integrating files of several sources (i.e Collection Agencies, Other Software). Their dedication to getting it right far exceeds the competitors we considered. Thank you for that, it has helped us tremendously.


We have partnered with Simplicity the past few years to help collect unpaid tuition balances on former students. Their software has allowed us to automate processes that used to take us hours, simplified our payment plan procedures, and improved our overall customer service with difficult accounts. We would highly recommend to any University looking for an affordable and efficient collection software.


We are a startup and searched and evaluated several software packages. We looked at high-end solutions and compared them to what we could get for our startup situation. We chose simplicity because it fit our needs and our budget. What we could not evaluate ahead of time was the quality of the support they offered. We were astounded by the caring and concerned staff that “held our hands” through the initial setup and integration. Although it was a relatively simple process, it was good to know that they were always there to help when we needed them. The follow up the support team has provided has been second to none. We are excited about the updates they continually provide to improve the software and look forward to a long relationship.


Everyone I talk to is always super helpful and I always learn something new when I call in!

R. Carroll

This is  best collection program I have ever used. I am VERY impressed!

P. Martin

Our firm is absolutely LOVING the system. As a matter a fact our partners purchased Simplicity because we couldn’t stop ranting about it. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing system!

J. Galen

We LOVE this Software, it is so user friendly and easy to learn how to use!


Simplicity allows me to interface directly with my clients building a relationship of trust and opening up additional opportunities to collect on more accounts. My client’s love the fact that they can log directly into the software and view the progress of accounts, payment history, and run reports. It keeps both them and I engaged in making the business successful without tying up valuable time answering questions over the phone.


I am very satisfied with the Simplicity Software and Simplicity Support Staff are very knowledgeable and always willing to assist with questions. Their attention to my needs demonstrates great customer service.


We are REALLY happy with the software! It does everything we need and is very easy to use. We are working to profit from its full potential.


We LOVE Simplicity! It works perfect for our business!
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