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What is Simplicity

Simplicity™ Software created by SeikoSoft LLC is the nation’s leader in debt collection software. Simplicity™ allows an individual, group, or firm to enter and track all collection cases through the entire legal process and provides detailed and simple-to-use data mining routines allowing real-time access to the status of any collection case entered into the system.

Some of the tools available for use in our software include:
  • System and Status Automation – Automate your software to work so you don’t have to.  Our system automation allows you the ability to create rules to efficiently and automatically move your cases through the collection process.
  • Web Interface – literally run your business from anywhere provided you have a web browser and internet connection
  • Debtor Payment Interface – collect money even when your office isn’t open
  • Client Interface – allow your clients the ability to see the status of their accounts
  • Top-Notch Tech Support – need something now, chat with one of our support professionals, send an email, or submit a ticket.  We have you covered!
  • DocGen Tool – automatically generate legal documents and demand letters
  • DocFolder Tool – organize all of your documents in a paperless fashion
  • Financial Tools – calculate complex interest, future pay-off dates, and group multiple claims for the same debtor, set up payment plans, manage disbursement and allocation methods.
  • Debtor Tools – add debtor information, co-debtor information, and employer information for debtors
  • Legal Reporting – track cases through every step of the legal process without worrying about losing cases in the process
  • Secure Data Exchange – never worry about backups, data security, etc, we handle all of that for you or you can choose to pull the software in-house and manage it yourself
  • Financial reporting – generate detailed financial reports for debtors and clients
  • And much more
How long have you been in business?
Simplicity was created in 2007 by a successful collection attorney and the team of software engineers. The software was so effective at revolutionizing his collection practice that in 2011 Simplicity hit the streets publicly with the goal of helping others revolutionize their collection businesses at an affordable price. Since 2011 we have consistently exceeded sales goals and helped thousands of collection businesses worldwide succeed.
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