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Simplicity Collect is a management software specifically designed to help small business and big business alike. Manage and track business collection cases.  The system allows you to take ultimate control over how the collection agency software works for your business to increase your profits. Unlike other collection systems, Simplicity’s affordable and sophisticated system specializes in ensuring your collection cases never fall through the cracks. Simplicity's Collection Software provides you the ability to manage a growing workforce, an unlimited number of clients, and an unlimited number of cases, all for a reasonable price.  Our solution and services guarantee your profit recovery based on your accounts and needs. No need for books anymore. Check and collect your past and present accounts now. We offer best in class support and offer simple to use options for managing your accounts.

Unmatched Flexibility and Ease of Use



With debt collections software, you can data import/export cases with the click of a button. Import all of your current cases quickly and easily. We believe in the freedom to move your data how you want to. Sounds easy? That’s what we do.


Avoid huge IT costs and headaches. Simplicity’s cloud, or web based collection software does all the heavy IT lifting for you. Best industry grade security and 100% up-time.


Simplicity Debt Collection Software is the best priced and most fully featured web based debt recovery software, making it the best collecting database in the market. Low prices and no hidden upgrade fees.


Import, export, and actively manage an unlimited number of cases and clients on the web access based database, no matter what the size of your business is. Management services all for one simple price.

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Legal Services & Free Data Moves

Free Data Move

Whatever platform you are on, Simplicity will even help you move your data for FREE. That’s right, we will help you import your collection data into a new, modern, web based system that can grow with your ever changing needs.  Escape the bondage from your current software provider and experience the freedom Simplicity can bring to you and your business.

Genesis users, we have you covered!

Genesis users, we have your migration solution. We have already converted dozens of Genesis users and have a streamlined process of making sure your conversion is easy and smooth. Give us a call today!

Legal Services for Small Businesses

When selecting a collecting service for use in your small business, it’s important to consider the legal counseling the system can offer your business. With the help of some of the best lawyers and attorneys, Simplicity was carefully built to accommodate the ever-changing legal regulations of the small business world and debt recovery. With the legal services of Simplicity on your side, it’s like having your own personal legal attorney or lawyer on a call with the best collection strategies. It makes it fast and easy to effectively manage financial tracking and specifically maximize your business needs.

If your business, small or large, is interested in implementing and using Simplicity's debt collection software to manage your business's collection cases, give us a call, fill out the form on the Contact page, or submit your request for a free demo. Our exceptional staff is ready to answer your software and sales questions, and expertly guide you to the right product for your business. Simplicity Debt Collection Software - the most cost-effective and advanced debt collection software available.
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Simplicity Debt Collection Software

The Most Cost-Effective and Advanced Debt Collection Software Available


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